Saad Mouasher


Saad Mouasher serves as Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Head of Group Strategy & Corporate Communications of Jordan National Bank Plc. Mr. Muasher served as an Executive Manager-Risk Management of Jordan National Bank Plc. He served as an Assistant general manager of Al-Dawliyah for Hotels & Malls Co. (Sheraton Hotel), Managing Partner of Al-Nabil Investment Company. He received MBA from Stanford University and BA in Economics from Northwestern University.

Saad N. Mouasher is Managing Partner, co-founder and co-owner of ALNABIL LLC, a member and key shareholder of the Y.I.Mouasher Group of Companies, considered by many as one of the largest and most successful business groups in the Levant. AlNabil is a large, diversified investment holding company with strategic shares and/or board representation in major Jordanian companies such as Jordan Ahli Bank, Arab International Hotels Company, Jordan Worsted Mills, El Zay Manufacturing Company, Jordan Investor Center, Business Tourism Company, Al Dawliyah for Hotels and Malls, General Arabia Insurance Company, and other strategic enterprises. As Managing Partner in AlNabil, Saad continues to identify and to source regional and international investment and business development opportunities.

Saad is also Deputy CEO of Jordan Ahli Bank (, Jordan’s oldest and 3rd largest financial institution. In his capacity as Head of Group Strategy, Marketing and Sales, Saad guided the development of a detailed, comprehensive, bank-wide five year action plan consisting of more than 700 strategic projects and imperatives, designed to transform the bank into a world-class financial services institution, and to prepare Ahli Bank for aggressive regional expansion. The action plan was based on “Project Jubilee”, a historic, bank-wide initiative that was initiated and directed by Group Strategy. Saad has been officially charged by H.E. CEO Mr. Marwan Awad to support, guide, monitor, and direct all Ahli Bank divisions in executing the bank’s highly ambitious transformation plan and aggressive growth strategy.

In addition, Saad is an angel investor, focused specifically on Web 2.0 opportunities that present unique value propositions and exhibit viral growth potential. Saad’s most recent angel investment (in which he also assists in an advisory capacity) is Seattle based startup MiNeeds ( MiNeeds is a fast growing service where consumers post their needs online for free, and service professionals (such as lawyers, contractors, nannies, photographers, etc.) get to bid on these needs. Many users describe MiNeeds as “just like eBay but for services.” In 2010, PC World featured MiNeeds on its list of “112 best free downloads, sites and services” list, and recently Fidelity voted MiNeeds as one of the top “5 Sites That Help You Save Money.”

In the past, Saad also served as Deputy GM of Al Dawliyah Company, and helped to establish the 5 Star Sheraton AlNabil Hotel and Towers in Amman, as well as other hospitality and entertainment ventures in Jordan, including the Sheraton Entertainment Center.
Saad is currently a member of the global Young Presidents Organization (YPO) and is also Advisor in Ahluna, one of the largest Jordan based NGOs, with a growing multimillion dollar endowment that is focused on empowering youth in Jordan as well as across the Middle East. Saad’s educational credentials include a B.A. in Economics from Northwestern University with an Undergraduate Leadership Certificate, as well as an M.B.A. from Stanford University.