Omar J. Sati


Omar Sati is the Managing Director at DASH Ventures where he oversees a diversified portfolio of investments across various industries such as Green Energy, Consumer Internet & Technology, Digital Media, Film & Entertainment, and Mobile, among others. He is actively involved in steering those investments through several stages covering Greenfield, Seed, Early, Growth, & Expansion.

Prior to DASH, Omar was a Venture Principal at IV Holdings, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Accelerator Technology Holdings and a pioneering Arab Venture Capital firm directing investments to early-stage technology ventures, where Omar focused on startups in the Online Services and Digital Media domains.

Omar serves on the boards of several startup ventures and provides additional support to the entrepreneurial community through various mentorship programs such as Endeavor, Oasis500, SeedStartup, Gaza Sky Geeks, and Wamda. Omar is also a founding member of Middle East Technology Pioneers Exchange (METPE), a non-profit aimed at connecting high-impact technology pioneers in the Middle East to their global counterparts for the promotion of entrepreneurship, cross-border partnerships, and knowledge exchange.

Omar started his career gaining international work experience in the world of finance and investment banking. He worked with Merrill Lynch in London and Dubai before joining Capital Bank of Jordan as Vice President of its Investment Banking arm. Omar holds an MBA from Cass Business School (City University London) in the UK with a focus on strategy and entrepreneurship, and a double major BSc in Finance and Management from Tulane University in the US.