nidal qanadilo

Nidal Qanadilo


Regardless of the maturity stage of your company, ‘Know-How’ remains to be one of the most critical, yet under-served success factors of startups.  Consider this: you’re about to start your own business, but most of you never ran companies before.  Almost everything you’re about to embark on is new to you.  For example: developing/producing new products/services efficiently/effectively, marketing and selling them, and leading/inspiring people to go above and beyond while working for a high risk startup at lower salaries that market rate. Furthermore, you will need to convince investors (if you know how to find them) to believe in you and invest in your company, not to mention that your startup has to have the right capacity level to anticipate and respond to the ever changing market dynamics. And the list goes on.
Yes, it is overwhelming.
As the Chief Coach at Oasis 500, I can help make sense of it all. This is how:
I have been immersed in driving/enabling Millennials & Organizations to embrace their ‘Entrepreneurial Drive’​ at Oasis 500 and beyond for quite some time – worked with 1,200+ entrepreneurs, 70+ startups & 40+ global/regional companies, to date.
My experience over the last 26 years both as a C-level executive and entrepreneur afforded me the relevant corporate and entrepreneurial knowledge/business acumen/skills necessary to drive your startups’ growth. That combined with my MBA (Lancaster University, UK), strong capacity building expertise, as well as in-depth understanding of the entrepreneurship landscape enables me to provide you with targeted very effective coaching.
That coaching will be customized for each company on a case-by-case basis based on the capabilities/competencies level of the entrepreneur as well as the startup maturity stage.
Product/service development, product/market fit, customer acquisition, and distribution are just some of the areas we will work on, building on my expertise in the following areas: Strategic Management, Organizational Management, Operations Management, Sales/Service Delivery Management, Business Development, Innovation Diffusion, and Influence-based Leadership. Other areas include: Customer Experience Management, Content Marketing, Effective Communication, Digital Content Industry, Business Process Outsourcing, ‘Social’ ​Contact Centre Industry, and Employee Engagement.
And of course, I will share with you what I learned from my successes and failure as an entrepreneur through a number of startups that I established in Canada and MENA, such as a leading regional digital content company that I co-founded three years ago.
As a firm believer in the under-tapped magnificent potential of entrepreneurs, I will help you channel your entrepreneurial drive into a successful startup through the right balance between proven theory and practice. That’s when the magic starts to happens!