Nidal Eses


Guardian of Eses4 Ventures, transformer, adventure seeker, investor, entrepreneur and converter of the Mahoo2Mahool. Founding Board Member, Tikyet Um Ali; Member, Oasis 500 and Endeavour.

Nidal Eses is realistic Transformer of Family Businesses into formal and sustainable corporate structures. He believes in building solid foundations validated by sound business Models that can navigate freely through periods of unexpected change. His objective is to preserve the legacy and wealth of entrepreneurial successes for generations to come, to build the next generation of leaders and to ensure Founders’ mantra continuity. His track record in Transforming major family legacies in the region (such as Nuqul Group) is a true testament to his unique approach in achieving such through creating localized solutions that navigate global Red-Oceans with Blue-Ocean strategies. He is committed to helping people achieve their full potential and provides them with the tools and freedom to deliver such. Nidal reached the North Pole in 2011 as part of his quest of continuous self-improvement and pushing his achievements to the limits.

Nidal held several key positions: CEO of Shaheen Business & Investment Group, CEO of Nuqul Group & CEO of The Promise. He served on several boards in the region and is an active member of: Oasis 500, Endeavour and is one of the principle founding board members of Tikyet Um Ali, the first NGO in Jordan which aims at alleviating hunger, through feeding programs coupled with empowerment and employment programs.

Nidal was born in Amman in 1966, a high-school graduate from the National Orthodox School in Amman, and obtained both his Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering (1988) and Masters Degree in Engineering Management (1990) from the George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

The Eses4 team members are: Nidal, Rania (wife), Celine (daughter) and Seif (son).