yousef hamidedean4

Mr. Yousef Hamidaddin


A bit of logic mixed with strategy, fueled by vision, supported by growth measured by achievements and rotating around the excellence in people, and the most optimal organization structure is what I want to work on with the founders we bring onboard.

What inspires me is the study of quantitative methods, economics, playing chess, reading biographies, and the success of others. I believe leadership is about the ability to craft a “Strategy” for every different situation you might face.

I have a passion for entrepreneurship, and a conviction that we must never be content. Let us keep pushing for more innovation, more measured risk taking, and for the economics to work all around – to create a multiplier effect. Entrepreneurship does not just simply stop when a company is started up or when another troubled one is being revitalized; instead, I believe that it is a continuous journey to overcome the many limitations to achieve a vision that no one else sees but you – the entrepreneur.

I have been living in Amman since 2012, and this city keeps giving and is an exciting and enriching place to call home.

Amman is my lab for great ideas. Let us create scale together. So don’t get intimidated, don’t let ego lead you, and be humble. Getting complicated diversified teams into consensus, dealing with different cultures, backgrounds, mentalities, & challenges to any organization are gifts. Use them. They are your opportunities for success.