Michelle De Conto


Background and experience
I build brands and help companies to re-focus their strategy by edifying their business models and marketing mix. I have managed brands and corporations to align their communications efforts, re-think distribution, product design and initiate costumer-centered scheme. In addition to the UK, I have worked in São Paulo, New York, Milan and Geneva and spent time in Asia and Middle East managing projects with SME’s and world-know consumer goods, technology, luxury and fashion brands (LVMH Spirits, Lacoste, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, Ray-Ban, Oakley and others). Three words that fuel my existence: re-boot, creativity and purpose.

My vision as a mentor
Mentorship is important in order to help entrepreneurs gain (insights and experience) from their failures by asking the right questions and provoking thoughts by those who are not involved day-to-day in the business and can bring a broader view. Mentorship accelerates entrepreneurs by facilitating introductions and possible contacts that can support the business growth or immediate need.

My best piece of advice you would give to an entrepreneur just starting out
Fail fast! The sooner we fail, take a moment to reflect, write down your learnings, absorb them then stand up and move forward. And, understand the power of branding and what results it can bring to your business.