Marwan Bataineh

Marwan Bataineh


Marwan Bataineh is an IT professional with over 30 years of experience in international and regional technology organizations. With track record of starting and growing some of the most successful technology companies in Jord
an and GCC, leveraging management and technical skills to develop long-term strategies, addressing evolving global business challenges.

Mr. Bataineh started his career as a systems programmer at international IT companies like Boeing Computer Systems, Boeing Aerosystems In ternational and Digital Equipment Corporation. Later on he co-found and man aged some of the largest and most pioneering companies in the region such as National Computer Systems, Computer Applications and Technical Services, 01 Systems, Atos Origin ME, HP, and MIR3 Inc. of San Diego, California.

Mr. Bataineh graduated from the University of Florida, USA. B.Sc in Computer and Information Science. And attended many higher management and business courses. He is also the Co-author of “Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Methodology for Jordan”, 1989 and “A National Computer Policy for Jordan”, 1992.

Presently Mr. Bataineh is the Chief Technology and Information Officer of Nest Investments Holding group, owners of the Trust insurance, banking, real estate, and industries operating companies across the MENA region.