Lionel Pardin


Lionel Pardin is a strategist and independent consultant whose 15-year career has played out in the marketing and digital industry in North America, Europe and Middle East.

He has been with Cossette 7 years, the largest marketing agency in Canada and did hold several positions (VP General Manager Fjord, VP innovation and Digital Strategy), where he was also responsible for ensuring that Cossette and its worldwide network of 21 agencies remains at the forefront of its digital requirements and the latest industry trends. To do so, Lionel oversaw key acquisitions, be they up-and-coming digital experts or innovative companies, and managed their integration into Cossette’s digital vision across Canada. Lionel is also a mentor for several start-ups in Canada within network.

Prior to Cossette he successfully launched his start-up Alogia with several partners from University in 2001. He recently developed a new branding strategy for SSENSE at a global level and managed a 100 % growth over a year including all creative and all marketing operations.

His ability to recognize and harness leading talent is a valuable asset and a driving force behind his career. Under Lionel’s leadership, Cossette has been recognized with more than 20 awards in the Digital category for Bell Canada, Festimania, Mentos, Air Transat, L’ORÉAL and GM, among other clients.

Already in 1995, Lionel authored his first blog, Turning Virtual Into a Successful Reality, where he wrote about the many emerging opportunities in the digital universe. His ongoing quest for digital knowledge, combined with his passion for sharing his digital expertise with others, speaks to his exceptional leadership and unwavering commitment to his craft. Since the past years, Lionel has given several conference in Luxembourg, France (DigiWorld) and Canada and has taught several master’s-level courses at Université de Montréal HEC and EM Strasbourg including Digital Economy and E-Business & Strategy.