Lina Shehadeh


Lina Shehadeh is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Aramex, one of the leading logistics and transportation companies in the Middle East and South Asia. Since joining Aramex, Mrs. Shehadeh was responsible for the rebranding of the company operations in 2008, and for upgrading its marketing activities and strategies – including the rolling out of new engagement methods online and via social media.

Prior to joining Aramex, Mrs. Shehadeh was an entrepreneur and founder of her own advertising and branding firm in Amman, Nuwa. She took the company from a startup to a high-growth venture by innovating a new customer-centric business model to promptly cater to the changing needs of customers, which delivered high-quality work and was more responsive than existing models. The new innovative approach to customer service made it an attractive target of acquisition, as Nuwa would later merge with TBWA Jordan, one of the incumbent multinational ad agencies in the country, where Mrs. Shehadeh served as a managing partner. Mrs. Shehadeh also has an Executive MBA from London Business School.

Additionally, Mrs. Shehadeh is an avid athlete, with professional achievements in cycling and triathlons. Mrs. Shehadeh continues to share her experiences – mentoring and inspiring other entrepreneurs and start-ups through TEDX talks and various events throughout the region.