Joseph Herbert


I am a Barbadian family physician passionate about improving the quality of primary care in my country. I hope to achieve this goal by:

– providing medical education in the areas of consultation technique and preventative medicine to local medical students and primary care physicians

– establishing a patient-centred family practice that will serve as a local model for providing primary care

– advocating for greater training/resources and restructuring within the public primary care services

My consultation style is based primarily on the patient-centred clinical method and I am skilled in motivational interviewing and the practice of evidence-based medicine. My interests include NCDs, preventative medicine, behavioural medicine, gerontology, adolescent medicine, palliative care, and care for vulnerable populations in Barbados (eg. LGBT patients and immigrants).

My current research is based in Barbados and includes a KAP study of barriers to the intrauterine contraceptive device and a study of the prevalence of risk factors for ulceration/amputations in a random sample of diabetics.