Haifa Dia Al-Attia


Since 2012, Haifa Dia Al-Attia has been leading the Queen Rania Foundation for Education and Development (QRF) , an NGO that is charged with leading innovation in education towards improving the quality and state of that offering in Jordan. QRF serves as an umbrella organisation for eight independent NGOs and initiatives affiliated with Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah, where QRF’s mandate focuses on building and supporting their institutional capacity and sustainability as well as on creating synergy amongst them and maximising their impact. QRF also acts as a research hub and develops programmes that address needs and gaps in educational services to Jordanians and which also respond to opportunities on the local, regional and global levels for the introduction of new initiatives, in cooperation with a host of partners and sponsors, all of whom contribute to the strengthening of QRF’s operations and its brand.

From an English Language teaching post at the Ministry of Education, she moved to the Royal Court where she rose to Deputy Director of the Office of the Crown Prince in 1994 and served as an Education Adviser there until July 2005. Haifa helped found the Amman Baccalaureate School and served for 23 years on its Board of Trustees. She was elected Vice President of the International Baccalaureate Organisation’s Council of Foundation (IBO) where she championed equal access to IB programmes worldwide and she also acted as the IBO’s regional representative for the Middle East for over 20 years. In 2006, Haifa joined the Aga Khan Academies Unit and worked on this project to set up 18 leadership schools in 14 developing countries. Over those years she was also involved with the United World Colleges Movement and with the European Council of International Schools.

A member of the International Women’s Forum, she served on its Global Board for two years and was Treasurer of IWF/Jordan, chairwoman of its communications committee and member of its Leadership Enhancement and Mentoring Programme (LEMP) which offers leadership training to women in middle management allowing them to break the glass ceiling and rise to the top posts in their companies and organisations. Outside of education, Haifa was elected as President of the Jordanian Osteoporosis Prevention Society in 2010, on whose board she had served for four years. Many years earlier and in yet another field, Haifa helped revamp the Jordanian National Gymnastics Federation and as its secretary and chief fundraising officer, she facilitated the establishment of its training facilities and oversaw the preparations for the first National Under 18 year old Girls Squad which won Bronze in the Arab Games in Amman in 1999 as well as an individual gold medal, at a time when the oldest gymnast was 14 years old and the youngest was 11.

Married since 1984 and with three adult children, Haifa loves music and traveling. She is perfectly bilingual in Arabic and English and speaks both Italian and French. She is a football and gymnastics enthusiast and herself played on the under 18 National Table Tennis Team.