Dr. Abdulla is a senior data scientist and technical leader with over 14 years of experience overseeing research projects in data management, data intensive computing, and data analysis. He collaborated with key scientist in the database/data science field at Berkeley, Microsoft, Ohio State University (later Emory University), University of Minnesota, and many others. Before joining Lawrence Livermore National Labs, Dr. Abdulla worked as an information technology specialist in the Business Intelligence Center at the Dow Chemical Company.

His PhD research focused on Web traffic analysis and characterization including characterizing user behavior. He has several highly referenced papers from his PhD work.

Before Joining the post graduate school to get his PhD, Dr. Abdulla worked for six years as a software engineer developing Arabic Operating systems and educational software. He worked with Logo Computer Systems in Montreal, Canada to develop an Arabic version of the Logo programming Language.

His research interests: Large Scale Data Management, Data Mining, and Information Retrieval
Domains of interest: Electric grid, physics, astronomy, business intelligence, WWW, and medical and biology.