faisal al bitar

Faisal Al Bitar


If you are interested in an investment knock on my door.
I am the Assistant Investment Manager within Oasis500 with a strong background in business management and entrepreneurship. My role includes scouting for startups from all over the region and beyond.
Doing so mean I spend time evaluating and assessing potential investments in two wild and diverse areas; tech & creative industries.
Always available to mentor and train you on areas related to finance, fundraising, and business development. I will be closely helping you when preparing for your pitches and making sense in your financials to present a strong and valid argument for your future investors.
I am passionate about fostering an ecosystem for entrepreneurs and becoming one myself. My drive and work ethic enable me to take a creative and effective approach in achieving success. My interest in mobile applications and their increasing role in our everyday lives inspired me to launch AppsGuru, a platform that showcases apps and news in the mobile world.