Emil Abujaber


Emil Abujaber was born and raised in Amman, Jordan. He was educated at the tertiary and post-tertiary levels in Cyprus and the US respectively. In 2005, Emil received his Bachelor of Arts in Tourism and Hotel Management in Cyprus. In 2009, Emil received his Master of Arts in Management and Organizational Leadership from Regent University’s School of Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship in the US. In 2010, Emil received his Master of Arts in Government: International and Middle East Politics from Regent University in the US. Emil is currently a PhD candidate in Organizational and Entrepreneurial Leadership, expected to graduate in 2012 from Regent University in the US.
He began his work experience in Amman, Jordan as Assistant Manager for Tour Operations. In 2008, he started a US-based business in Virginia Beach, VA while studying for his Masters degree. He continues to maintain ownership of this business and also acts as Executive Manager. In 2010, Emil accepted a position as a Teaching assistant and Professor of Mid-East Politics at Regent University. He was responsible for teaching students at the graduate level. In 2011, Emil founded a web-based company, MANMAR Group, LLC. Emil initiated the research, feasibility study, and business plan for this business. He also incorporated the company, and continues to be active in managing the company.

Emil is a well-educated, industrious, and successful man. Today he is a husband, father of two sons, PhD student, owner and executive manager of two companies. He sets a great example of a well-rounded individual who successfully contributes to the well being of society. Any mentee of Emil’s will be placed in a position to receive mentoring from one of the best.