Dr. Nusseir graduated from England, worked with the Royal Scientific Society – Jordan 1977-1993, and was the Director of Information Technology and Training Centre, and Dean of Princess Sumaya College for Informatics. 1990-1991 worked with UNESCO as Chief Technical Advisor on Informatics in Education. Established the National Information Technology Centre in 1993 and became its President until 2006. Chaired and participated in several national, regional and international committees on IT and the information society, and has designed and implemented several national IT systems, set IT policies and strategies and conducted institutional and national studies. Has been Internet Top Level Domain Administrator for (JO) domain from 1995 until 2006, and has many publications in IT and related areas. In 2006 joined UN Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia, UN-ESCWA, as Director of the ICT Division, planning, implementing and supervising national and regional initiatives, including analytical studies, IT policies and strategies, STI strategies, and IT for development initiatives to meet the needs of member countries. Has established the UN- ESCWA Technology Centre for regional integration in Jordan. Retired from the UN in September 2011, and operates as an independent international IT for development consultant.