Candide Kirk


Candide has a proven record of leading development teams in the production of regionally relevant game products. Being half-Jordanian, her in-depth knowledge of the region’s culture, language and demographic have enabled her to tap into game storylines catered for the region. Prior to co-founding Quirkat, Candide played an instrumental part as a technology consultant in shaping the CIO Office at the Ministry of ICT in Jordan. She led international cross-Governmental cooperation efforts mainly focused on transferring knowledge and technical know-how to the Kingdom, in addition to her role as a strategic advisor to the e-Government Program.
Candide’s game credits include Arabian Lords, Mythic Palace, Tariq’s Treasure, Al-Moosiqar, Relic Hunters, Basha Card Games Collection and the Quirkat EuroScorers game on Facebook.
Candide is also the Community Manager for the IGDA Middle East Chapter.