Akram Khreis


Founder and Owner of International Beverage Consultancy Company (IBC) which was established in 2007 registered at the Chamber of Commerce in United Arab Emirates working in Jordan as a regional company. IBC is a global mechanical and electrical installation and commissioning of high technology filling lines and other innovative projects.
IBC managed to attain an exclusive joint venture agreement with one the leading German companies working in the field. Throughout the years the company managed to work successfully on over 200 projects worldwide. Identifying and promoting local talented engineers through building their capacity with special training programs conducted by highly skilled specialists at the headquarters in Germany.

Capitalizing on his former experience as the Operations Director – Middle East and North Africa- for Pepsi Cola International, he managed to work with his professional network to successfully put on the Jordanian economical map another multi-trading company. In 2000 he co-founded the Originalchem Group (OCG), another global company, working on chemical trading, logistics and solution provider for the food and beverage industry. OCG continued to grow in size and service to become one of the main providers in the industry.