Abed Shamlawi


Abed Shamlawi gathers extensive experience in leading ICT sector development and assisting public and private sector entities develop and implement their ICT strategies and envision efficient use of technology in order to increase business efficiency and productivity, he managed large scale public and private ICT related projects and NGOs. For the past few years, Mr. Shamlawi has been leading Jordan’s ICT Sector Association – int@j towards being an active champion and a thought leader for the ICT and BPO Sector in Jordan through advocacy, promotion and marketing, research, and capacity building programs for the ICT, BPO, Content, Online Business, and Games sector members and stakeholders.

During his CEO term at int@j, the ICT and ICT Enabled Services-BPO sector grow to contribute more than 12% to 14% to the GDP (10% as direct contribution from the ICT and BPO sectors, and 4% as indirect contribution from using ICT and BPO in other sectors), sector employment grow to more than 80,000 jobs (approximately 16K direct jobs, and 65K indirect and induced jobs), internet penetration exceeded 70%, and females constitute more than 30% of ICT workforce (one of the highest sectors in Jordan and the MENA region). Major areas of technology use included Technology in Health and Education sectors.

Through his vast experience, his academic background, and his wide skills, he initiated and managed strategic collaboration across and among the different sectors and components under several USAID and donor funded Programs to facilitate the development of critical ICT projects across Jordan and other countries such as developing and implementing Jordan’s ICT Strategy (REACH Initiative), supporting the Central Bank of Jordan ICT systems modernization, Jordan Customs ICT systems modernization and the development and implementation of the Jordanian Trade and Investment Information System. He also initiated, supervised and assisted in the development and implementation of some of the high profile strategies in Jordan including an ICT investment and promotions strategy, a new structure and strategy for the National Information Technology Center, Jordan e-Government strategy, Saudi e-Government Program Strategy, Aqaba Special Economic Zone ICT Strategy, Jordan’s National ICT Strategy 2007-2011 and subsequent strategy 2013-2017, and leading the top ICT and BPO Association in Jordan – int@j into a sustainable, dynamic, and proactive NGO within the Jordanian ICT ecosystem.

Recent Programs for Mr. Shamlawi include leading the Healthcare ICT Taskforce to enhance and develop technology solutions in Healthcare, developing technology solutions in Education, developing and implementing a Human Resources Bridging Program between academia and private sector to align skills of graduates with private sector requirements in ICT, developing incubation and business maturity programs between Jordan and Silicon Valley in partnership with private sector, Silicon Valley accelerators, and USAID as a Public Private Partnership (PPP), developing an ICT Export and Investment Development Program for Jordanian ICT companies to grow exports to key markets.

Mr. Shamlawi experience includes ICT Sector development, increasing access and connectivity across Jordan, ICT for Development initiatives, e-Government programs, and leading ICT sector advocacy initiatives. Furthermore, he led a number of Business Process Re-Engineering projects such as the Municipal Business Licensing and Renewal Process Re-Engineering and Automation, developing and implementing the Mother and Child education program focusing on introducing ICT to early childhood and to parents in thirteen villages, and developing and implementing an e-Services Center at the e-Village. In addition Mr. Shamlawi architected and managed the implementation of the Jordan Trade and Investment Information System as the single unified source for Trade and Investment data. Mr. Shamlawi also led the process of transforming the NetCorps Jordan Initiative into an independent Not-for-Profit NGO NetCorps Jordan, and transforming the Public Private Partnership of the Jordan Education Initiative and program into an independent sustainable NGO.

Through his international experience working with Chemonics International in Washington DC, he worked with more than 30 projects in 25 countries in providing technology solutions and strategies to public and private clients and stakeholders in different countries focusing on advancing productivity and utilizing ICT as an effective development tool.

Between August 2003 and October 2006, Mr. Shamlawi has successfully lead the Information and Communications Technology Component, a 24 million US Dollar component of the USAID funded AMIR Program, focusing on; e-Government Development and Implementation, Increased Access, Connectivity and e-Learning, ICT Policy and Regulation, Reduce Public Sector Obstacles, Encourage Public Private Partnerships, and ICT Industry Development.

In addition to leading several ICT initiatives, Mr. Shamlawi is also considered as a lead engineer for infrastructure, architecture, and applications consolidation, integration and implementation as he played a major role in defining the requirements and optimizing the infrastructure architectures and providing advices on short and long term infrastructure investments. Furthermore, Mr. Shamlawi has vast experience in developing Enterprise ICT Architectures and Information Management Architectures due to his sound understanding of all aspects related to enterprises, starting from business planning and business operations to automation and enabling technological aspects.

Highlight of Programs and Projects: During his years of experience Mr. Shamlawi delivered several key projects and programs such as:

ICT and BPO sector advocacy programs (Telecom Law, Internet Censorship, Press & Publications Law, Taxation, Internet Access, Cybercrimes law, e-Transactions law, Export exemptions)
ICT internship and employment programs, sector capacity building and certification programs, and Online and Mobile content capacity building and development program
Jordan National ICT Strategy 2000-2006 (REACH), Jordan National ICT Strategy 2007-2011, and subsequent National ICT Strategy (2013 – 2017)
ICT and BPO Association of Jordan – int@j Strategy and Business model
Private ICT Sector development and companies maturity development
Human Resources Bridging Programs, Export and Investment Development Programs, and ICT companies Incubation between Jordan and Silicon Valley
Aqaba Special Economic Zone ICT Infrastructure Strategy
Jordan Education Initiative transformation to an NGO, and incorporating NetCorps Jordan program into NGO
Jordan Trade and Investment Information System
Knowledge Stations Mother and Child Program pilot and implementation
Amman and Madaba Municipalities BPR and e-Municipality
Jordan e-Government Program Strategy and implementation projects, and several National public and private sector ICT programs design and implementation including National Information Technology Center Strategy
Central Bank of Jordan Information Management and systems modernization
Jordan Customs systems modernization and Jordan Capital Markets systems modernization
Egypt and Morocco Courts Automation and Information Systems
Several grants execution with USAID, CIDA, EU, and National funds
Several Projects in Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, United States, Botswana, Kosovo, and other countries