Suleiman Arabiat

“I am a Project Manager comes from a technical background, being a Mechatronics Engineer who later specialized in energy management and energy efficiency (with a CEM® certificate) which he made his foundations in during his work in Graz-Austria in 2011/2012. He also worked intensively around the world in NGOs administration and executive project management as a member of the IAESTE organization, ranging between a national administrator in Jordan,to a national committee development executive in Austria, to a global level executive-team project manager and business development, while he was working acquiring his master degree in International Project Management residing in Bucharest-Romania. He also worked as a project engineer in the steel industry in Sheffield-UK at the prestigious Macalloy Ltd., then joined Oasis500 as a special projects manager for the major projects and funds/grants operations.

My job revolves around creating new projects that help Oasis500 deliver its objectives and have a wider impact both within Jordan and outside of it. The projects that I manage range between grants and the relations with international donor agencies, special internal projects, and special partnerships with other entities and NGOs in the entrepreneurial eco-system both in Jordan and abroad.

As an Oasis500 team member my assistance to the startups comes in the form of assisting them in their project-based activities, as well as providing them with consultancy and advice in the fields of energy engineering and project management.”