Nadine Khayri

Nothing is more interesting than Einstein’s saying that everyone is a genius, if they were supported well and judged on fair grounds.

I have worked with startups from Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, and Jamaica on improving, finding and refining the optimal business model, reaching a market-product, fit faster and handling difficult operations turnarounds; I believe that I can support Oasis 500 companies by helping them better refine their business model and operations.

The two industries I am most qualified to handle are the Creative & Tech industries, where I worked closely with several startups.

One of the most challenging yet rewarding programs I have worked with was supporting startups from the region on getting investments, training and acceleration in Silicon Valley. I have also organized various programs like Global Entrepreneurship Week & Celebration of Innovation, where my team and I helped raise a fund to support startups.

Whether you are a founder with an existing business or a curious mind with the next big idea, I will be more than happy to help you.