Is there anything else we should expect from Oasis500, other than funding?


For less experienced entrepreneurs who want to know more about starting a company, we host a monthly bootcamp, which covers all business aspects and provides participants with a comprehensive and detailed “Survival Kit” designed to form a solid foundation for any startup. After the Bootcamp, they can apply for investment.

For entrepreneurs that manage to get investment, they gain an automatic acceleration period at Oasis500 offices in Jordan. We at Oasis500 have always preferred the term acceleration over incubation, as we see that the 3 months (100 days) incubation period at Oasis500 offices accelerates the startups to achieve significant milestones and goals.

During the acceleration period, our startups get thorough coaching and mentoring from the Oasis500 team, industry experts, and a group of local, regional, and international mentors. Other services offered to startups during the acceleration period include legislation services, financial services, marketing and communications, office space and internet access, as well as exclusive deals from our partners and supporters.

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