Oasis500 is Holding its 30th ICT Entrepreneurship Training Bootcamp in Amman

Oasis500 is Holding its 30th ICT Entrepreneurship Training Bootcamp in Amman

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To apply: www.oasis500.com/application-form/

Training Date: 22 -26 of June

For more information: twitter: @training500 @oasis_500 , facebook: www.facebook.com/training500 , www.facebook.com/oasis500

Location: Amman, Jordan


We at Oasis500 strive to create opportunities for individuals to establish their own innovative companies in the fields of ICT, digital media and mobile applications, and provide the resources necessary to accomplish their objectives. One of our stellar offerings is Oasis500 comprehensive training boot camp that is regarded by many as the leading entrepreneurship and business training for ICT startups in the MENA region.

Our Trainees Talking about their experience in the Bootcamp:

We are currently offering our entrepreneurship training boot camp and investments for entrepreneurs in Amman, Jordan, to help them pursue their dreams. The entire Oasis500 team strives to grow that seed you have planted and help develop the fruits of your success. And to help you sharpen your tools. Global and regional experts will be leading several of our sessions at the bootcamp, where they will be guiding you and giving you the essence of their journey in the fields of investments, entrepreneurship, ICT and starting a business.

We will be giving sessions in IT marketing, setting up your pitch deck to investors and also our perceptive on dealing with failures, and most importantly taking your startup from an early stage company to a growth stage company.

We want you to be prepared for the real life circumstances that are faced by all thriving businesses and so we challenge our entrepreneurs with real life experiences and provide a variety of comprehensive skills to truly help you excel! We also present them with real life experiences and talks.


Mr. Yousef Hamidaddin, CEO, Oasis500

7Q4A0062Mr. Yousef Hamidaddin, CEO, Oasis500. Strategist, Economist, & Entrepreneur are strong descriptions of Yousef Hamidaddin, yet the most admired by is his capacity for Vision. It is his belief that the most powerful catalyst for growth & achievement is a “Vision” delivered by a focus on excellence in people, and organization structure.

Studying quantitative methods, economics, playing chess at an early age contributed to his thinking early in his career, and the coaching he had from the top leadership in P&G crafted the word “Strategy”. It gave it a new meaning when watching the top brass speaking for hours on the subject.

He created an industry for Direct Marketing in the region. In partnership with the US DMA, Yousef established the Arab Direct Marketing Association, which became the reference point for DM at the Arab League. He won an Advisory Board seat at UPU Direct Marketing. In addition to lobbing the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority to adopt Saudi as a hub for the Data Industry and the Saudi Postal Authority through working and delivering a 100 Million Riyal business model which is under delivery to date (Shaher).

Hamidaddin loves entrepreneurship, and keeps pushing for more innovation, more measured risk taking, and for the economics to work all around – a multiplier effect. Entrepreneurship does not just simply stop when a company is started up or when another troubled being revitalized; instead, he believes that it is a continuous journey to overcome the many limitations to achieve a vision that no one else sees but the Entrepreneur.

Yousef today lives in Amman. He is the Chief Executive Officer at Oasis500, the first entrepreneurial development and investment company of its kind in the MENA region. It aims to support entrepreneurs by providing them with funding and training in an effort to accelerate the transformation of business ideas into start-up companies in the ICT, digital media, and mobile technologies and content sectors.

Emile Cubeisy , Managing Partner at Silicon Badia


Emile has over 18 years of experience in technology, government and venture capital space. Emile also serves as Board Director of Silicon Badia, Oasis 500, Jeeran, Shoofee TV, Media Scope, Gate2Play, Arab Media Holding, Dakwak and NetCorps. He also serves as Vice President at Accelerator Technology Holdings (ATH) and CEO of IV Holdings (IVH) – the early stage investment arm of ATH. Prior to this, he served as the Director of ICT Promotion & Advisor to the Ministry of ITC, Jordan.

Emile holds a Bachelors Degree in Economics and Political Science from the University of Southern California and was selected as a member of the Young Global Leaders by the World Economic Forum in 2006.

Majied Qasem , CEO at d1g.com


Majied is the co-founder and CEO of d1g.com, a leading regional portal focused on providing a range of media rich and socially enabled services.

Prior to d1g.com, Majied was the Director for the Jordan Education Initiative (JEI) focusing on creating a replicable model for Education Reform through Public Private Partnerships. Under the JEI, Majied worked with the government of Jordan, the World Economic Forum, and Program Partners to ensure that innovative technology models for education aimed at accelerating and supporting the national Education Reform are initiated, implemented, and successfully replicated in other countries.

You can find the bios of the trainers here.

We strongly believe in learning by doing and apply this to our entrepreneurs experience by practicing and rehearsing real world scenarios providing them with genuine development skills. Our entrepreneurship training program is completely diverse from any you may encounter and will leave you knowing how much closer you are to the start of a new journey.

The Oasis500 Bootcamp focuses on various aspects of the business world specifically launching ICT businesses. The typical Bootcamp entrepreneurship training week includes the following:


· Finance

  1. Investment and business terms
  2. Revenues and cost forecast
  3. Income statement workshop

· Technology Marketing and the Chasm

  1. Creating a growth IT business. crossing the chasm.
  2. Technology start-up marketing

· Branding & Marketing

  1. Executive summary and Investment focused Company profiles
  2. Persona, customer segmentation and branding

· Pitching

  1. How to pitch to investors and essential tips
  2. Live pitches and pitch assessments

· Group Interactions and Exercises

  1. Daily successful case studies from regional and local entrepreneurs
  2. Sales lifecycle
  3. Why companies fail, what to avoid
  4. Teamwork and time management

· Business Model

  1. Introduction to creating a business model canvas
  2. Customer profiling/segmentation
  3. Value proposition
  4. case studies and practical workshops


We at Oasis500 are eager to hear from new entrepreneurs with exciting ideas and urge you to pursue your dreams. To apply to Oasis500 bootcamp training in Amman, Click here. We look forward to meeting you at our upcoming boot camp.

This Bootcamp is in partnership with King Abdullah II Fund for development, and the United States Embassy in Jordan.

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