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Why Marketing Matters

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From your pitch deck, to your beta version, to your launch, and throughout your growth, form is nearly as important as function (unless you’re a designer label, then it’s probably all form).

Yes, a good product will always trump good marketing, but here’s why marketing really matters:

  • All humans are emotional. If you can sell to their emotions, you’ll pull more money out of their pockets.
  • The WHY can be much more powerful than the WHAT. This reminds me of a TED talk by Simon Sinek.
  • I’d fund a good marketer before a good developer any day. While the marketer may not have the skill to build his product, he’ll probably be able to convince someone else to do it for him (and a lot of other people to buy it).
  • A good marketer understands human emotions, which means they understand what people will or will not buy. Forget marketing and you might as well forget customers.

Don’t let the negative connotation about “marketing” fool you. I wish more entrepreneurs would put substantial energy into marketing and even consider a CMO as their co-founder. A good read on this topic: Growth Hacker Marketing.

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