Entrepreneurship- The Prominent Player at MENA ICT 2013

Entrepreneurship: The Prominent Player at MENA ICT 2013

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Three Events Created New Entrepreneurial Waves Targeting Jordanian Youth

Entrepreneurship has emerged as the most important player at the Communications and Information Technology Forum in the Middle East Region and North Africa (MENA) in 2013, held recently at the Dead Sea.

Although entrepreneurship in the information technology sector was the focus of only one session during the MENA ICT Forum, it was nevertheless omnipresent in all sessions, and even at press conferences that were held on the sidelines of the Forum to declare partnerships bringing together entrepreneurship funds and local or international companies.

During the MENA ICT Forum, attention was directed at entrepreneurship as the most prominent factor in capturing the smart opportunity for investment in the Kingdom to lead the national economic growth, and transfer Jordanian youth from job seekers to become business owners.

The main event related to entrepreneurship at the Forum was the declaration by Oasis500 of a new track as part of the MakeIT program, in partnership with Microsoft.

Oasis500 aims, through this track, at providing additional support to entrepreneurs in Jordan, whereby the company will provide advice to nascent companies, and provide the specialized technical support they need.

The new program will bring together entrepreneurs embraced by Oasis500 with technical experts and specialists for the provision of advice to companies from Microsoft, to support them in establishing their companies, utilizing the best products and solutions in the field of information technology available on the markets.  This program will enable entrepreneurs to obtain basic technical advice and support from the technical work group at Microsoft around the world, and will help them support their nascent companies to develop products capable of competing in international markets.

On another note, the Jordanian Information and Communication Technology Companies Association "INTAJ" and Endeavor organization organized a special event related to "investment in the communications and information technology sector" along the margins of the MENA ICT Forum.  Small and medium companies in the field of communications and information technology were represented in this event by a small stand, where they met a number of individual and companies local, regional and international investors.

The event was attended by over 150 communications and information technology companies from various countries in the region, in addition to over 40 investors and owners of regional and international investment funds, as well as other relevant people in investment and industry.  The press conference addressed the main activities of this event, including open dialogues among participants, in addition to activities to encourage relations and widening professional networks, as well as contributions in presenting important issues which permit the participation of those concerned in investment in the region.

Among the most prominent investors who attended the conference were 12limited, Y+ Ventures, Abraaj Capital, Dash Ventures, OT Ventures, European Bank for Reconstruction & Development – EBRD, International Finance Corporation, MENA Venture Investments, iMENA, Plug and Play Tech Center, MENA Apps, Accelerator, MBC ventures, Sadara Ventures, BECO Capital.

On a similar note, Umniah Communications Company declared a strategic partnership with "Plug & Play," one of the most prominent business incubators in Silicon Valley.

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